Online dating photos

Lets face it, there are some really dodgy looking photos on the online dating sites, and its such a shame  they're probably really nice people!

Looking good...

Having some nice photos of yourself can improve the quality of your dates.
One of the pet hates listed on some of the sites is that people don't look anything like their photo. Or that they don't look much like the photo that was taken 10 years ago. Get some good photos, and you'll look even better, and you'll look like you do now!

How much?

Just £75 per session. You'll get a selection of 10 images, of face, half length and full length. They'll make you look great, but won't look like they have been taken in a professional studio. The preferred look is that your best friend (who happens to be a great photographer) took them.

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page last updated: 14/03/2016

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