Travel photography

Buddhist interior
  1. Buddhist interior
  2. Cottage Garden
  3. Potters Square, Kathmandhu
  4. Granary, Fountains Abbey
  5. Himalayan houses
  6. Bassano del Grappa
  7. Bedouin driver
  8. Tassells
  9. Coniston Water

Buddhist interior

Capturing the essence of a place in a photograph. Experiential photography at its best. Everyone is a tourist, and everywhere you see people taking photographs and yet sometimes forgetting to enjoy the experience of being there. An example of this is the gondolas in Venice - so many people recording their journey on iphones, not actually being in the present. Look first, feel, then maybe take a photograph.

The best time for most travel photography is either in the morning or in the evening, partly because the light is usually more interesting, but also because there are usually fewer people about.

Some travel photography is on stock libraries such as 123rf, dreamstime and alamy.


Stock photography by Jeanette Teare at Alamy

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page last updated: 30/10/2016

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